Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What Type of Private Beach Personality are you ?

At Easy Beach Booking we have compiled a list of private beach personas that you might find interesting. Can you compare yourself to any of the following types of beach bums ?

The Packer: Weather you are sunbathing on a private beach in Cannes or playing beach volleyball in St Tropez you are almost guaranteed to see Packers on the private beaches of the French Riviera. These beach personality types are easily recognised by the their “excess baggage”. Parasols, chairs, coolers, tents, boards, shovels, you name it they have it!  You might often find these Packers on the boardwalk of many private beaches, struggling to fit all their accessories in the gap! 

The Borrower: When you book a sunbed on a private beach in the French Riviera you want to relax, right ? The borrower is that individual who disturbs you from your sandy slumber to ask if he/she can borrow your daughters spade for their nephew. Maybe I would prefer if these people were Packers!

The Wannabe Nudist: In contrast to the packer, the wannabe nudist usually brings nothing but a speedo to his private beach. These characters spend most of the time standing on a towel so their feet won’t get sandy and staring at the ocean just so they can see their reflection.  I might be a little mean, maybe there’s a bit of this persona in all of us….

The Luxury Lover: So what’s the difference between the Luxury lover and the packer you might ask? The main contrast is that the luxury lover will spend more time and money on a private beach trip than their counter personas. They will attend the fancy private beach restaurant, order the most expensive meal and then continue their relaxing day on one of the many luxurious private beaches on the French Riviera. If they could pay for the sun to stay in the sky they probably would! And who would blame them.

The Mother : Probably the most friendly private beach personality . This type of person always has spare togs , towels , goggles,  you name it . They will even rub sun cream on your back. However, some may be friendlier than others, so watch your back, literally! Oh and I nearly forgot, they also more times than not have their chartered yacht that arrives precisely on time to whisk them away to a 5 star hotel in St Tropez.

The Professional : These people know the private beaches like the back of their hand. They book their private sunbed months in advance and have calculated the strengths of the currents along with the tidal patterns. The day at the beach for a professional is seen as something to be worshiped and is very fragile. Don’t attempt to boogie board beside a professional this summer at a private beach. He/she will probably snigger and show you how to do it properly. Unlike Packers, they don’t bring clutter, they bring “gear”. They have their snorkeling gear, swimming gear, after swimming gear, the list goes on. But to be fair they do make the whole private beach experience seem quite cool! 

Have you found your Private Beach Persona? Or maybe you want to add more to list ? Just leave a comment below. 

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