Friday, 21 June 2013

20 Top Products for your Perfect Day on the Beach

1. A Table Cooler
The multi-functional cooler than transforms into a table for your perfect picnic on the beach. Visit Lulusoso for more details.

2. The underwater snorkel camera. 
This Explorer Series snorkel mask-slash-camera gives you or your kids the opportunity to snap those infamous shots and videos up to 15 feet underwater, hands-free.  
Visit Liquid Image's site for more details.

3. Floating speakers. 
These Eco Extreme waterproof, shock proof, floating speakers work with every mp3 player you wish to use, perfect for listening to your music while chilling out on one of Easy Beach Booking's private beaches. Visit Grace Digital for more details.

4. Fold-away beach lounger
Fed up with a sore neck from trying to read your book, or keeping an eye on the kids? This compact lounger can be popped into your bag and taken down to the beach easily. Find this at Picnic Trend.

5. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you... 
The beerkini. 
Who said fashion isn't practical? 

6. The trochotote.
 No more are the days of dragging a heavy hamper full of food across the beach! This clever cool box is carried along in a wheel that you can simply pull along. Make sure you pack enough food for everyone! Spotted on

7. The See-Saw water rocker! 
We know this is supposed to be for kids... but come on, how fun does this look? Check it out at Backyard City Pools.

8. Tuff-Luv Aquatic Pocket Pouch
Use this waterproof e-book reader for your Kindle, Sony Reader, iRex, Bookeen and Cool-er e-readers, waterproof for up to one meter. Save some space and just roll it up when you're done! Have a look at Tuff-Luv's website.

9. Vodka watermelon
It is as the name suggests. Simple to make, great to eat. The perfect beach-side snack. Just make sure you're over 18! 

10. The vacation vault
Tired of taking it in turns to guard your valuables while the others take a dip? This smart case keeps your keys and cash secure with a three-digit combination lock. The attached cable loops around picnic tables or beach chairs, making sure that no-one can snag it without dragging along the entire picnic table! Check them out here.

11. A family sized beach blanket. 
Anyone who comes from a large family or even those who go to the beach with a group of friends, appreciates the irritation when you're all scrabbling to fit on the same wet towel or blanket! Chica and Jo came up with a clever, low-budget solution. Now we can all heap together in one sandy mess!

12. Vinegar! 
Just trust us on this. If you are ever unfortunate enough to suffer a jellyfish sting, this will come in very handy. 

Avoid those pesty creatures and keep up to date with the location and spottings of jellyfish near you with the iphone app Jellyfish Reports

13. Motorized Bumper Boat. 
Now this is what we like to call fun. Taking bumper cars to the next level, just inflate, hop in, press the accelerator, and steer. It runs on 6 D batteries. Have a look at Excalibur Electronics for more details.

14. Waterproof playing cards. 
Sand proof, water proof, traditional cards, made for the beach! Enjoy your games without ruining your deck of cards. Find your deck here

15. Evian Facial Spray
A "pure water spritz straight from the alps", this spray is the perfect after-swim cleanser, to get rid of all that salt and freshen up for a spot of lunch. The "micro-droplets" moisturize, cleanse, cool, and freshen your skin before, during, or after your day in the sun. 

16. A portable cooler and grill
Dragging a BBQ onto the beach isn't exactly easy, but this portable grill gives you all the equipment you need for your barbecue lunch. The perfect carry-on packed lunch! Check out the Buccaneer Grill here.

Cooking your own food seems too much hassle? Take advantage of Easy Beach Booking's special offers on meals.

17. If the bottles of warm water are getting boring, hydrate yourself with this 
Fresh Lemonade Maker.
 Simply add lemons, water, and ice and enjoy this refreshing beverage with your toes in the sand. Get more information here. 

18. Waterproof case for valuables. 
Strap this extremely waterproof case onto your arm or leg and go for dip without worrying about your expensive items on the beach! Get more details on Loksak's arm/leg band here.

19. The solar powered beach bag. 
This tote features a high-tech flexible solar panel that generates 6.3 watts of power to charge a cell phone, MP3 player, digital camera, or any other small electronic device. Get more details at Earth Tech Products.

20. What's the point of a single lilo, when it simply crumples and throws you off every time someone comes near? Enter... 
The Bestway designer triple lounger.
 A 3-person floating lounger, complete with arm and head rests. Now you can relax with your friends and family under the sun on this floating arm chair!

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