Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Time! Lets get our feet in the sand!

Well, summer time is approaching, if not already upon us, and it’s time to relax!

Whether you’re on holiday, a business trip, a weekend break, or just lucky enough to live near a beach, it’s time to don your bathing suits and pack your towels for a day in the sun.

These beach days seem to go one of two ways…. We imagine ourselves lying elegantly on a sun bed, surrounded by the sounds of the sea and a light breeze, perhaps sipping on a cocktail, reading a book, having a massage and listening to the waves, or casually being served a 5* meal beside the sea.

In reality, we often find ourselves fighting for the best spots (which do not appear), forgetting our sun screen or our sunglasses, dropping sandwiches in the sand, back ache from lying on the floor, in the sweltering heat, and dropping our book for the 3rd time accidentally into the sea. Don’t worry, it will dry.

Never fear beach-lovers! We at Easy Beach Booking have created these special offers just for you. No need to pay a fortune for a relaxing time on a private beach and no need to book weeks in advance. You can call us on +33 (0)8 99 49 04 44, and simply book your sun bed, parasol, meal, massage, or whatever you would like.

Check out some of our best special offers for private beaches in the French Riviera:

Beau Rivage PrivateBeach, Nice1 sunbed, 20€ for the day
Le Neptune PrivateBeach, Monaco1 sunbed, 1 parasol, 1 cocktail, and fresh fruit, 32€ for the day
Malibu private beachrestaurant, Saint-Raphaël1 appetizer, 1 special meal OR 1 desert, 1 special meal, 30€
O’Key Private Beach,Cannes1 sunbed, 1 umbrella, 1 towel, 1 starter/dish, ½L water, 35€ for the day

You can browse all of our special offers here.

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